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[wp_ad_camp_2] Just enough pain to turn you on and get your blood flowing but a touch of sweetness to keep you intrigued, feeling loved and coming back for more. Having not reviewed any tracks or albums recently, I have to say that the new Destroid album “The Invasion” was one hell of a way to […]

DJ Interviews Daily DJ Interview: EXCISION

[wp_ad_camp_2] Canadian bass master EXCISION kicks off 2013 with the massive “Execution Tour,” a North American trek that includes over 50 confirmed dates. The “Execution Tour” will feature EXCISION’s new stage “The Executioner,” a behemoth production setup and a true technological breakthrough that will take live electronic music performance to a new level. “The Executioner” […]

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[wp_ad_camp_2] [wp_ad_camp_1] Excision & Ajapai – Destroid 9. “Blast Off” packs throbbing, whomp bass that goes ballistic from beginning to end. The track’s rollercoaster build is a rush of grittiness, the dirtiest of the dirty and the heaviest of the heavy in bass music. Listen to Excision & Ajapai – Destroid 9. “Blast Off” here: Excision & Ajapai […]

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Excision, KJ Sawka And Downlink On A Mission To Destroi

[wp_ad_camp_2] DESTROID is upon us. The combined forces of Excision, Downlink and KJ Sawka have united to bring forth the next stage of the dubstep movement, and they are ready to obliterate all that stand in their way. DESTROID draws on their combined experiences and battle hardened skill sets, pushing musical boundaries by utilizing cutting-edge technology and otherworldly […]