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PRiZM, the EDM Peak Time Party Rocker just dropped his latest massive Electro House production “TiME LiKE THiS” on his MILLENNIUM RECORDINGS label and its going BIG!. PRiZM recently being seen headlining and rocking events around the globe has set him apart as one of the Icons in EDM and definitely one to see.

PRiZM: “This production was inspired by some of my crazy life experiences over the past few months. Too say the least it has had serious ups and downs that life can bring in waves. I think that this release “TiME LiKE THiS” has portrayed this greatly in it’s production. This track combining the melodic melodies like a smooth and content time during your life and then building into massive explosions like the unexpected times in life of pure chaos combined with that massive drop that just brings back that pure fist pumping party that you want to remember forever so the name just fit and it was a “TiME LiKE THiS”.

This track was an easy production from the start to create. It just had that vibe to it from the start. The vibe in the track that just has that pumping boots-n-pants that makes you wanna move. It was in the initial cord progressions that I knew this one was the banger that was going to shake some asses. “PRiZM”.

The vibrant energy found within PRiZM’s productions brought him a diverse range of support from numerous big artists in the electronica scene. Fans & supporters have heard his sounds and seen him share stages with about every big name in EDM and at some of the most world renowned events and venues around the globe. As most Ultra Music Festival veterans like PRiZM have been proven to have ‘a sound’ but PRiZM has proven to have many. PRiZM’s energetic spirit and dedicated determination to succeed has kept him on a worldwide search for the ultimate in energy during his performances. He started in the mid 90’s and was very successful within the breaks genre. Then progressed to his current love of ELECTRO HOUSE. Now PRiZM is on the rise and gaining recognition for his relentless DJ skills combined with his massive musical productions. As we now enter a new era of electronic dance music, where only the most versatile Dj’s and producers survive, PRiZM will be a respected leader as he takes his vision of EDM into the “Future.”


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