CAIN PRIDMORE: People being unorganized is probably my biggest peeve


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Youngster CAIN PRIDMORE stars at GOODLIFE and drops ‘XERO’ on AtomicSky Recordings

Sometimes joining a DJ competition is a very smart move. Ask young artist CAIN PRIDMORE. He entered for a spot at the Goodlife Festival and after multiple voting sessions he succeeded to claim a mainstage spot. Moreover, his new track XERO was just release on AtomicSky Recordings. Time to sit down with him for an interview!

Tell us more about your latest release ?
My latest release is on AtomicSky Recordings, its called “XERO” and is my take on a high energy progressive house track. It contrast with heavy electric synths and softer more melodic piano while the large side chain makes the tracks really move and allows the punchy kick to shine through.

Has your musical taste changed over time or do you think it will?
My musical taste hasn’t changed to drastically, though my first love was very clean older “Axwell” styled house music back from around 2009. as the music industry changed I found myself being more and more influenced by harder electronic sounds and especially bass heavy tracks. Now I would say my musical taste lies more between Kryder and Dyro.

Who is your favourite DJ and could you tell us why?
My Favourite DJ at the moment would be Tom Staar. Not only does he make amazing music and play an incredible house set, he is also a wonderful guy and an all-round excellent person. I’ve had the chance to sit down and have my talks with Tom and him being so welcoming and nice has made him seem like a better person in my books.

What is your pet peeve when it comes to playing gigs?
People being unorganized is probably my biggest peeve, I do my absolute best to be organised and professional when it comes to representing myself and my name so I want the same thing from the other parties involved

Does your mother enjoy listening to your music?
My mother is the reason I love dance music to this day. Her musical influence is what drove me to be as successful as possible in this industry. Her love for Axwell will always be my earliest memories of dance music.

Did you ever get shy in the presence of someone famous?
The first time I ever met Tom Staar & Kryder I was shaking like a leaf, my legs where wobbling and I was doing my best to be calm and professional but inside I was just a big mess hahaha.

Does a bigger crowd satisfy you more, or is there some other magical element that satisfies you when it comes to playing music for a crowd of people?
Yes a big crowd makes you feel awesome and gives you that crazy adrenaline rush but I find so much joy in making people happy with music that I could be playing for just my Mum and Dad (which I have done many times) and still really enjoy what I do, that’s why I love it so much

Do you dance at your performances?
Yes I do! I love this music so much that I couldn’t not dance, but I find that if the DJ is lacking energy and performance the whole room does to, so I try to stay as active as possible when it comes to dancing and just having a great time… cause I usually am hahaha

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?
Keep an eye out for more of my music in the near future as I’m hoping to be releasing more and more music this year and continuing on into the future


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