Who exactly is Toni Costanzi?

Toni Costanzi

Combine Martin Garrix energy and Oliver Heldens’s skills with a 26 years old italian guy and you have the latest EDM electronic star, that mysterious DJ/producer Antonio Costanzi, AKA Toni.

Toni has made a huge impact in a short time with his “future house”. But, as we can see, he hasn’t become arrogant and conceited at all.

The italian, maintains his modesty in interviews, spreading love and good words to his fans.

Beyond that, his second identity as a Youtuber helped him a lot to reach high peaks with his music. He is a young, talented italian producer, based in Agropoli (South Italy). Since a child he was fascinated by electronic and progressive music, thanks to this he approached the world of djing and producing. His first single “Storm” started his career at the age of 15, being appreciated by a lot of famous artists of the EDM scene. Signed in many international famous labels and increasingly present in top tracks rankings like his tracks “Bomboclvt” (TOP 100 BEATPORT ELECTRO HOUSE) and “Lies” (TOP 100 BEATPORT FUTURE HOUSE), he is known for his energetic and hard drops, characteristic of his style: the future only promising more to come!. He recently make his debut on the SIRUP MUSIC main Label with his new track LIES starting with SOOTHING PIANO chords and EMOTIONAL VOCALS.

Later on, it builds up to the drop, whose unique PLUCK AND VOCAL CHOP COMBINATION create a bouncy feast for your ears.

We suggest you to go and listen to this Italian new talent, that will be more and more huge in the next years!


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