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NICK WOLANSKI, successful adult movie star and highly talented music producer supported by the (progressive) house music elite, is proud to present his new release ‘MOVE YOUR BODY’ which was made in collaboration with KATHY BROWN and STEVE MURRELL. Kathy stands as one of the most successful and well known old school Diva’s in underground house music. And Steve Murrell is counted among the world’s leading underground music producers. Since Nick comes from the sex industry, the idea was to create something different in regards to Kathy’s Voice. Edgy! The track is about a man and woman making love. “Move Your Body” is representative of a seductive girl asking her partner to pleasure her. The record was made from the perspective of the younger generation: relaxed and more open minded towards sexuality. This is one frisky record and one of the backing records to a forthcoming xxx movie.

Wildly artistic, technically proficient and fiercely determined to excel in all areas he pursues, NICK WOLANSKI’S story is a constantly evolving tale that few can compare to. Star of multiple X-rated movies, producer of an arsenal of globally received dance music anthems and the only DJ endorsed by one Sir Richard Branson – Nick isn’t your traditional bedroom to main room success story. Modern breakthrough DJs and producers often seem to follow similar paths to success – not Nick, he’s taken routes unknown to artists in the EDM world. Wolanki’s sound is very varied in terms of the “genre” that he plays, but whether it is marked as electro, house, progressive or techno you can rest assured that it will be Aggressive, Dirty, Sleazy, Upfront; Sexy and altogether Pumping.1154-Nick-Wolanski-Hammarica-Dance-Music-PR-DJ-Booking-Agency

Nick Wolanski: “I’m the first DJ/producer to be in high demand for working in the adult industry as a performer and will be putting my music behind fresh and new exciting adult films which I hope will educate the world better on sexuality and help people to become more at peace with themselves and their bodies. I have worked for 10 years as a fitness model and fitness writer and I’m the only DJ endorsed by Sir Richard Branson which led me to DJ at his Galactic Event.

What I love about my new record MOVE YOUR BODY is the nature of the Vocal from Kathy. It’s definitely not her usual style; I feel it’s way more underground and a little more dirty than she has gone before.” 

Other than this new record, there is a lot going on right now in my world. This year I have picked up management and we are putting the ” less is more” tactic into effect.  Over the last three years I have been releasing a very varied and mixed bag of sounds and plenty of them. For 2014 I have decided that I will continue to focus on all genres and this will allow me to develop a larger and more varied fan base and help me to establish an identity within the industry, However I will be releasing less records this year,  but they will be of much higher quality.  I am building my new website, starting my own record Label and will be looking to start playing live in clubs this year as my gig scenario has taken a back seat to producing music over the last 18 months. I aim to strengthen my current relations and communications with the artists working regularly with me and I will be working very very hard on creating my own label so I can service the world with my sound in a more efficient manner, I will be focusing on driving,, uplifting and mind altering sounds. 

Moreover, there are some massive releases set for the first quarter of this year. I was in the studio with Marcella Woods and the result was a driving and funky record for peak time house sessions. The remixes bring a varied sound to the package and on remix duty I have Joachim Sundgren, Peter Sildegren, Mezei Laszlow, DJ Passha, Fady Ferraye; each delivering their own unique spin on the original. This release was quickly snapped up by Pacha Recordings and is set for a big summer time appearance. The release will be heavily supported around the world and will get some top PR Coverage. On the Main Room front I have a huge peak time record named ‘Brain Chemistry’ which is a dance floor destroyer, Huge bass line, aggressive lead and a very dirty Dub step breakdown to shake things up. On the Remix front I had the pleasure to work with a band called Parralox on a remake of ‘Eye in the skye’ I was asked to give the record a big club feel and I have done exactly that and this will also be up for a summer release as it carries a very happy and uplifting vibe too it;  guaranteed to get hands in the air in both clubs and festivals around the world. 

I am a full on no nonsense DJ with total dance floor domination in mind and my mission is to make people dance until they drop. I tend to get a bit pissed off when people try to get me to relegate my sound to just one ‘genre’; telling me that I need to focus on making one sound and one sound only in order to generate a fan base, Personally I have found that having a wider and more varied catalogue of records has actually gained more fans with a more varied music taste, How many people these days, (club-goers) listen to only one genre? None! They all love different genre’s and todays ‘genres’ are so intertwined that each one contains sounds from another. This gives me the ability in my sets to play music from every genre and satisfy everyone’s tastes no matter what Sub Genre You are into. “

Nick is a classic example of a smart entrepreneur. In the new year he will start a new music school in New York City, a record Label called Testosterone Records and a booking agency. The main artists associated with the projects include Steve Murrell, Chris Galbraith, Peter Seal De Green, A.C.K, Marcus and Field, Martin Bunsden, Milky JO and Takeydo. Moreover, Nick will embark on a USA/Canada tour in 2014 which will take him to the world renowned Pacha nightclub among others. Last but not least, he will go into full video production for his adult xxx music videos where he adds high quality electronic dance music to some slamming erotica.

Wolanski’s DJ career took off as he got inspired by the depraved underground circuits of Los Angeles’s Hollywood after hours scene, Beginning at 10 pm on a Thursday and not sleeping or seeing his bed until Monday evenings. Avalon Los Angeles for spider after dark was the staple choice where Steve Castro and friends would be annihilating the dance floor until 8am. For Nick, the DJ skills come most naturally, being on stage mixing beats in front of thousands of people is where he belongs. His first DJ gig was in Heaven and he had never even had experience in a bar or small room club. He played to over 2000 people on his 7th week at the venue on a temporary position and it was the best experience of his life;  and the best club he has ever played at to date. He has some serious skills as a producer but needs a bit of help with crafting the sound to get it to the high standard that must be achieved to get to the top. Wolanski has a team of very loyal and experienced engineers all working in different ways with him to get out the Nick Wolanski sound. Wolanski looks forward to his journey as both a DJ and a sound engineer and will never forget the people that have elevated his sound to where it is and will continue to support his team in any way he can.

Nick Wolanski: “I would like to use this space to give thanks and to shout out to the people that have been integral to my career and who have given me support in any way. I am sorry I cannot go into detail on everyone mentioned, the detail is reserved for the main movers and shakers in my life currently. The First and most important of these goes to My production partner and one of my best friends, Steve Murrell.  Steve is the best engineer I have ever worked with, he is a master at taking an original sound out of my head and into reality, He is a shining example of not only a good professional but also of a wonderful friend and top class Father. Steve was there from the beginning, he out me on the map and still to this day helps me navigate the map when things get rocky, I owe this guy a lot and will do my best to give it back when the time comes, Anyone in need of engineering services should go straight to Steve. A big thanks to Matt Caldwell For handling my PR since October,, Matt has been a breathe of fresh air in my life, its been hard to find solid people to work with that genuinely support and are not just interested in milking the cow so to speak. I look forward to taking some great strides with Matt in my corner this year; cheers Bro! My new Dutch Friend Wilf Libgott – CEO LLC,, Wilf is an awesome character, another real dude amongst the sea of clones and robots that seem to inhabit 99% of the music scene! BIG love to Wilf for keeping it real and for helping me to see that my vision for the future of our industry and for music is very much a vision that others are backing and are helping to make a reality. Massive shout out to Peter Sildegren, Peter has become a very positive force in my life and a main player for the United Under-ground Artists, I have not known Peter a long time but in the short space of time I have known him he has given me some amazing professional advice and really helped me to communicate more professionally within the industry, He is a great friend and I hold him in high regards as a producer, He always puts out bangers and his label High Limit Records is kicking ass and is one Label you need to keep your ears on! A monster Thank you goes out to my Brother in Germany, Takeydo;  In his own Words of Wisdom; “Music without hook line? I dont care! That is Bull shit, The whole track is the Hook”  Takis has been supporting me for some time now and he is one of the most inspirational artists I have ever come across,, He is a real guy, who puts all his feelings and his emotions into his music so you Can experience a part of his soul, Big Love and positive vibes coming your way Takis!  Milky jo has been a solid geezer so far this year for me,, He has some dope production skills and bags of attitude and has been working with me on several productions the first of which was ” The Nephilim” and was released on Empress recordings,, This was also His first ever release and I am proud to have been the guy that finally put him on the map, Expect great things from this crazy swede! Big Thanks to Chris Galbraith for being a supportive best friend for the last 12 years, Been through so much with this guy and Would not be where I was without his help, Some big things production wise coming from chris this year as well. Pashaa deserves some noting here,,  A DJ for over 25 years and well known for his fresh and innovative new concepts. Pashaa handed in a superb mix on my Kathy Brown EP and we will be getting up to all sorts together this year in the studio, Pashaa is a producer you most certainly want to be familiarising yourselves with. 

Other than that massive thanks and Big Love to; The 2 good souls, Mezei Laszlow, chris jackson, Matt Bennett, JJ Mullor, Ed Ormandy, Ben Shaw, Miriam Wolanski, Fady Ferraye, Ceasar K. “



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