With the release of his latest single ‘ALL YOU SEESTAX is continuing to take the world by storm. “All You See” is an electro dance track that features the one and only FLAVA FLAV. This will be one of the many unique and fresh productions on the Electro Circus album. The Music video was filmed in Big Bear Lake in the Mohave Desert and in parts of Houston Texas will be featuring Flava Flav, Kristen Renton from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Jessica Hall from the ‘Wilkinson Show’ and many more. Time for an exclusive chat with STAX!

Tell us more about your smash hit track All You See

All You See is the first single to be released from the album Electro Circus. The video was produced by internationally known, video director and platinum singer Mickael Zibi from Cold Chamber Studio in Houston, Texas. The video was shot in the mountains of Big Bear in California, the Mojave Desert and Houston, Texas. did you come up with the idea for the video?

We wanted to create an eccentric atmosphere involving the underground steampunk styling. We wanted a notable story line with 2 sides to the story. We wanted it to follow a linear direction but leave plenty to the imagination. The video ends where the next story will pick up with the circus infused 2nd single “Cirque”

Who directed the video and how long did it take to shoot?

Mickael Zibi with Cold Chamber directed the video and it took 2 weeks to shoot and 3 months to plan.

Speaking of videos, what’s your favorite series on YouTube?

I love comedy – I look forward to watchin the weekly pranks on FouseyTube.

You pick: A big festival like EDC or an intimate nightclub?

I have done many nightclubs and festivals but nothing as big as EDC, I’d like to accomplish that.

Do you believe in the concept of vip tables?

VIP, some fans want to enjoy an exclusive space with their friends and there is nothing wrong with that.

What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

Ultimately I want to be recognized as an international artist and put on shows around the world. I am always achieving and setting new goals – it’s never ending. My next goal to achieve right now would be to tour the US Colleges.

What would be the number one country on your list to visit and tour?

I love Europe, so I’d like to tour all of the countries there!

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