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MARKOVE: A united hardstyle is a better hardstyle for us all


Sometimes, quality takes time and patience. So is the case with Markove’s OUR JOURNEY. Due to personal circumstances, Markove was on a musical break for seven months to deal with life’s issues. Yet, he now returned to where he is supposed to be!

MARKOVE: “The concept of ‘Our Journey’ was born in the early morning hours of January 28, 2015. Browsing the news, I realized the date marked the 29th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. I immediately thought of the space shuttle disaster I remember as a kid – Columbia. For a few hours lying in bed, I went through different videos on YouTube as a way of travelling back to when I was 12 years old.

This event left a lasting impact on me. I remember the speech President George W. Bush gave at the time. I still remember the white streak in the sky on the news.

In the years since, we’ve accomplished some amazing things. Our adventure into space continues at an incredible rate. We must never forget, however, that great accomplishment doesn’t come without great sacrifice. “Our Journey” is a tribute to the sacrifice made by all those who have made our progress into the unknowns of space possible.”

Our Journey aims to push the hardstyle genre in new directions. Modern hardstyle has become a divided genre – euphoric is always compared against raw and vice versa. Markove attempts to break that down and utilize elements from both sides of the aisle. Because he firmly believes a united hardstyle is a better hardstyle for all.


In anticipation of its release, OUR JOURNEY already received support from tastemakers and Djs alike. EuphoricHardStyleZ, The Legendary Uploadz, and EDM.com’s Hardstyle channel featured the track. Djs Ominoux, ArmenianBoy and Airtunes gave thumbs up and XXlerator presented by MC Villain supported the track in their monthly podcast

2014 was a big year for Markove. Back in 2012 when he started his producing career, he could only dream of the recognition he received last year. Support varied from The Pitcher, on three separate occasions along with a shoutout from D-Mind. More recently, fellow American Destabilizers supported Markove’ work when he opened for the hardcore legend, Angerfist, in New York.



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