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In the time between cooking up grooves for labels such as Hotfingers, 303 Lovers, Flamingo, Toolroom and Ministry Of Sound, Richard Dinsdale plots the next step in dancefloor domination: Tanzanite Records. A joint partnership with his brother Simon, Richard is now writing a new chapter and creating his own distinctive brand. A brand where he can fine tune his A&R abilities and help develop emerging artists such as Jeremy Joshua and Alex Topspin & Dmit Kitz. With its striking blue motif and meticulous musical motive, the label also boasts the presence of Wally Lopez, Hook N Sling and chart busters Sam Obernik and Paul Harris. Give a warm welcome to Richard Dinsdale as featured in Hammarica.com series of daily DJ interviews!


Describe the Richard Dinsdale sound.

Its a mixture of different styles really. Obviously it’s House music but I like to include different sounds from different styles of music just to stop it get boring.

How much of a perfectionist are you?

Very much so. I really spend a lot of time perfecting my tracks and sounds. It’ about putting your own style into each track and for me I spend quite a lot of time finding those quirky sounds.

Does your family like dance music?

Sort of. My mom and dad are very much into music but my mom loves Motown and that’s what got me into music in first when I was young. I basically grew up listening to Motown and have a massive record collection in the studio.

How many tracks do you produce in a month and how many end up being released on average?

I tend to produce quite a lot of music throwing ideas everywhere on various different projects. I would say about 85/95% get signed. Sorry, I’m not blowing my own trumpet but it’s true. If the track is not very good then I don’t tend to finish it or I start to go in a different direction.

Is there an EDM artist you wouldn’t collaborate with?

Erm…no not really. I’m always up for working with different artists. It’s the main reason why Hitsville became Hitsville. They would all work together and help each other out making there records become number one hits.

What is the best series on Youtube in your opinion?

Series?? If you’re talking about a TV series then I don’ really have one. If you’re talking about a subscription then I would have to say The Cassette Boy videos which are very funny but they tend to make fun of UK programmes.

What is your favorite spot on Ibiza?

I love B.FOR near Pacha. They do the best Sushi on the Island.

If you could score a Hollywood movie, which director would have your preference?

Oliver Stone or Christopher Nolan.

Dance Music BlogPick a classic EDM tune and tell us why you picked it.

Quite a few to name but you can’t beat Everything But The Girl “Missing” (Todd Terry Club Mix). It’s just a classic and feel good record. I guess it was that time of year where i was getting into dance music seriously as a kid.

What is your drink of choice before you get on stage?

Water or vodka and cranberry juice.

DJ PromotionDid EDM become too commercial?

Yes but I have nothing against that. We all have different tastes in music and if it goes commercial then fair play.

What was your first record you bought and do you still like it?

INXS Kick Album, yes it’s the foooking nuts.




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