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Travis Baron is one of the most familiar faces in the Seattle techno scene. He is a DJ, promoter and recently launched his label KR Recordings together with partner in beats James Grindle. Hammarica.com caught up with him to talk about all things techno.


You have been a techno DJ for over a decade. What is your strongest attraction to the genre as opposed to other EDM styles?

I love all kinds of electronic dance music but techno (the 4 to the floor warehouse banger style) was really this first kind of electronic music that I got in to.

You are known as a promoter of successful techno events under the name Knightriders in the Seattle area. More recently you started a label under the same name and releasing the records on vinyl. What would you say is the magic thing of having vinyl records?

Knightriders VinylVinyl is forever.

Techno is a rather broad genre with many different aspects of sound. What will be your course for the Knightriders label?

KR is focused on techno from the Pacific NW.  My partner, James Grindle, and I have booked many talented EDM producers in the NW that we were inspired to start a label. We knew we Had to release vinyl and we knew we had to work with the folks we have been booking over the last 5 years.  For many of the producers we have worked with locally these next few 12″ releases will be their first work of art on wax.  We have also booked a lot of top international acts that are doing remixes for us as well.


There is an upcoming Knightriders event at Lo-Fim Seattle featuring Tony Rohr. For those of us who are not familiar with him, could you tell a bit about him and what to expect from the show?

Tony has been releasing techno for well over a decade and on some of the most prolific labels out there. Labels like Drumcode, Plus8, Cocoon, and many more labels that have been leading the way for some time now. We booked him not only because he is a talented producer but because he is known for performing blazing DJ sets around the world. Some producers can’t always pull off both.

SeattleDo you keep pets and are they allowed in your studio?

only Luna cat

What defines the term DJ for you?

DJing is work, and if you are not good at your job, get off the decks.

Name 5 things you love about your home town Seattle.

The weather

The music

The Mountains

The Sea

The Food!

Describe the first rave you ever attended.

It was dark, it was loud, there was techno.

In order to have a strong underground scene, does it need a strong commercial counterpart?

I don’t think so.. What’s important is to have a really strong positive underground scene that is accessible to our younger generations. Producing events like these with top tier underground acts is difficult, even more so for our under 21 folks here in Seattle.

Pick a classic techno track and tell us why?

Crispy Bacon by Laurent Garnier. I have had the opportunity to book a lot of my favorite producers like Robert Armani, The Advent, Kenny Larkin and now Tony Rohr. Laurent Garnier is definitely on the short list of producers I have always wanted to book since I started playing records. Crispy Bacon is one reason why.

BeerYour choice of beer?

cold 🙂 But really, Seattle has some great beer. I really like Fremont Brewing Co.

If you could go back 25 years in music history, or forward 50 years in music future, which one would you pick and why?

How long ago was Jimi Hendrix on stage?

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

yes, Turn it UP!

Knightriders w/Tony Rohr

Lo-fi Lounge Seattle – 429 Eastlake Ave E
$10 presale – $15 door

Pre-order 12″ & Tix: http://bit.ly/tonytix12




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