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DJ Danny Avila Interview

At only the age of 17, Danny Avila has become one of the hottest acts in the world of EDM. From winning the ‘Best Newcomer DJ’ at the prestigious 2011 Vicious Music Awards at just 16, through an incredible 2012 Ibiza season that caught the attention of everyone including Tiësto and dance bible DJ Mag where he became the youngest ever Covermount CD artist, to the announcement of his residency as the youngest ever prime-time DJ on US broadcasting behemoth SiriusXM, Avila is the name on everyone’s lips – and rightly so.

DJ Danny AvilaDescribe an average day in the life of Danny Avila.

It really depends. Lately I spend so much time on the road. I’m playing in the States pretty much every weekend which of course is amazing but also takes me away from home a lot more than I was used to. If I’m home during the week i like to go to my studio and make so music, look for new music, hang with friend, be with my family……

How do you deal with temptations?

This is all a dream that has become a reality and the most fun I have had in my life, it is also a hard job and actual work. I have to be very disciplined when i’m on tour so that I can always give the audience a 100%.

Danny Avila

Vegas or Ibiza?

That is hard to answer to be honest! I love both but if i absolutely have to choose, I’d say Ibiza because the island is so important for me as I’ve played so many times there.

If you could describe your music to people who never heard it, what would you say to make them crave to check it out?

Well, it’s very energetic, big room, ravey….. I play progressive house and electro. Also I like to mix it with acapellas on top and play with loops, hot cues etc so I like to think that it’s a bit unpredictable and can deliver some surprises in the mix, keep people on their toes and raise the level even higher.

Which DJs do you look up to?

Fedde Le Grand, super skilled Dj and a super great guy as well. Also Deniz Koyu and I really like Sebastian Ingrosso


What was the nicest compliment a fellow DJ ever gave you?

Dj’s have been overall very kind and generous to me, it is hard to pick one particular gesture out of the many nice things they’ve said so far. But for example when Fedde tipped me as breakthrough dj/producer 2012 in dj mag, that was just like a ‘wow’ moment, it made me feel very proud to be picked by him and for people to see that he’s willing to put his name behind me, that’s a really big deal and I don’t take it lightly, I want to live up to that, definitely!

What is your most outrageous purchase?

My huge trampoline topractice jumps for wake and skateboarding or my full Pioneer set up… and of course the incredibly delicious jamon iberico 🙂

What is the second most important thing in your life?

Sports – I love to wakeboard and skateboard but anything that uses a lot of energy – I never sit still!

What was the weirdest thing you ever saw during a party?

I don’t think I’ve seen enough parties to see anything that weird yet – maybe ask me next year, I’ll keep my eyes out 🙂

firemenYour best joke?

I’m such a bad joke teller, so I cannot really help you here haha… “Ask me if I’m a fireman” “Are you a fireman?” “No.” *HAHA*

What was your strongest motivation to pursue a career in music?

For all kind of artists like singers, music producers, djs etc… there is always a bigger step in your career. I think that’s basically my motivation. I always want to do something bigger and better and that’s what keeps me working day by day.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

If you want to follow me just check out my twitter (@djdannyavila), Facebook page DannyAvilaOfficial or if you want to listen to my music you can do it here:




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