On April 13, Klanglos releases his 2nd album “The Breakdown” with 24 tracks,
including remixes by (Ben Dust, Sound & Temper, Patrick Hero and Mollycule).

Our interview is dedicated to this.

1. Klanglos my congratulations with a new album, (24 Tracks) sounds incredible, how much time did you spend on it?

Thank you, Olga! I spend almost a year creating new tracks or finishing incomplete projects for this album.

2. What was going on in your life while making this album? What it is dedicated to?

While creating my album my life was very turbulent, playing a couple of shows every weekend, traveling to different cities and countries. But this is not the message behind the title of my album.
Every time I’m in the studio working on new tracks i spend much time in thinking of how i can carry feelings an emotions with the tracks. With my latest album ‚The Breakdown‘ and my previous one which is called ‚Rise & Fall‘ i want the audience to get in a world full of emotions, i want to let them feel good and also bad feelings in my tracks. Its important for me that every listener can interpret his own story in my tracks an that’s the point i am making music like this.

3. How did Coronavirus COVID-19 change your life? What could you advise people?

Sadly it changed my whole life! Every show which i should play was canceled till the end of April. I’m a full time musician who needs this shows to survive that’s why I hope this situation won’t last longer than needed and we all can get our every day life back. In my opinion the people should listen carefully to their governments instructions to get rid of that virus as soon as possible.

4. Many people talk about the crisis in the entertainment industry. As a DJ, did you feel any changes?

As i said in my previews answer the entertainment industry is suffering a lot in case of the governments restrictions. Here in Germany for example the whole entertainment industry is shut down, no clubs no festivals no public life. Many clubs are now trying to survive the crisis but i think there will be some places that won’t reopen after this crisis.

5. Your second album is officially released on April 13th, how will it happen and at what label it will it be released?

My second album ‚The Breakdown‘ with twenty original tracks and 4 remixes will be released on my own label Error Records. First of all this will be a digital release to download or stream. I don’t think there will be a physical release because of the amount of tracks.

6. What direction do you think techno culture is moving in today?

In Germany especially i could notice a change in the last few years. People are more likely to go to big festivals instead of going to clubs. That`s why the clubs in our country are suffering a lot.

7. Do you remember your first contact with the music scene?

Ten years ago a friend took me to a party with Adam Beyer here in Germany. The first seconds we were there i felt very familiar and i was overwhelmed with good feelings. This was my turning point.

8. Whom do you dream of performing on the same stage with?

I‘m not the person who got an idol or something. I love doing my own thing. So i would prefer to play with my good friends like Mollycule or other friends of my Agency Bassgeflüster Booking on the same stage than playing with a big name.

9. How do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

Hopefully still here making music and playing shows in different cities and countries.
I got no idea how the future will be but i’m open to surprises and new things.

10. What is important to you besides music in life?

Family and Health comes first! For me it’s also important to have the freedom to do everything i want and not be depended on someone else.

11. What are your creative plans for the near future?

Currently I’m working on my live set which i will present the audience on my future shows.
There is still a lot of work to do and hopefully I’m ready for this step by the end of the year.

Some more facts about Klanglos:

ERROR Records

Faze Magazine 2017:
Shooting star (12th place)

The Toxic Family 2017:
Favorite act (10th place)

4.3 million streams
396,000 hours
692,000 listeners
79 countries

Nature One – Kastellaun
Ruhr in Love – Oberhausen
Open Beatz – Herzogenaurach
Aquaphobia Festival – Erlenbach
Panama Open Air – Bonn
Electrisize Festival – Erkelenz
Bunker – Graz
Kit Kat Club – Berlin
Love Base – Berlin
Tanzhaus West – Frankfurt
MTW – Offenbach
Studio Essen – Essen
Butane – Wuppertal
The rocket – Nuremberg
Airport – Würzburg
Art Theater – Cologne
Bogen 2 – Cologne
Electric kitchen – Cologne
House 33 – Nuremberg
Kesselhaus – Augsburg
Gotec – Karlsruhe
Hans Bunte – Freiburg
Little uncle – Kassel
Panoptikum – Kassel
Arm – Kassel
Fusion – Munster
MS Connexion – Mannheim
Hoppelhasen Open Air – Hanau
Loft Club – Ludwigshafen
Roof 175 – Mainz

Gigs all over the World. Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium. Over 4,3 million plays in 79 countries.
His greatest Hit is “Hard Times” which makes him famous and achieve 4 mio plays on youtube.


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