Luca Draccar Offers An Enthralling Musical Experience Amid The Tapestry Of Nocturnal Artistry


Luca Draccar


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419 (short for For One Night aka One Night Stand) by DJ and underground music producer Luca Draccar offers an enthralling musical experience amid the tapestry of nocturnal artistry. The Berlin-based maestro is often noted for gifting his audience with a rhythmic journey to another dimension, a space where anything is possible.


Draccar’s approach to recording and the layered structure of the tracks offered on 419 is simply amazing. Opening with Dadaism, the listener is spoiled with crisp drum programming and melodic phrases of bass and synth. This template extends itself throughout 419’s 3-track smorgasbord. The EP’s depth is not limited to its opening composition. The succeeding selections, titled Lippen and Vagabondage, add greatly to the project’s intensity, as 419 sharply feeds the primal nature within us all.

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